The wiggle kit

$26 $29
The perfect kit to have a pillow fight, to jump on the couch, to run to the corner, to jump the last three steps ...
Includes 4 4 x 6 inch sheets and one 4 x 6 inch sheet. A value of $ 29.
  • Lil'punk
  • Hockey fever
  • The lucha
  • The circus
  • So long, Sailor

Designed in Montreal by Jean-Sébastien Poupart, Lou Poupart and Julie Ménard. Printed in the USA.

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Good to know...

Our tattoos are of superior quality, they last from 2 to 5 days.
They are applied with water and erased with oil.
They are safe, non-toxic and without danger for the skin of the children and the adults


-Make sure the skin is clean and dry. Without residue of cream or makeup.

-Cut out the desired tattoo.Remove the protective film and place the image against the skin.

-With a cloth, wet the tattoo well and maintain pressure for 30 seconds.

-Remove the sheet and let it dry Take a selfie and tag us in the photo or repeat steps 2 to 5 before doing 6.

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